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A Lot of business owners don’t have time, the willingness, or patience to work with an online website builder. Instead, they’re trying to find an affordable web site company who is there for them and completes their website as quickly and as close to their idea as possible.

Sure it makes sense that a new startup often can’t afford to hire a professional website company. Especially when there are companies out there who won’t touch a small business site design for less than $2,000. In those instances, they’re going to explore the options that come up when they do a ‘FREE WEBSITE’ search on Google… and rightly so. But is it really beneficial?

What the Wix, Weebly, and other DIY web design portals fail to tell you is there’s more to having an effective online presence than simply throwing together a site on your own dot-com. Instead, they lead people to believe that their DIY sites perform “just as good” as having a web company create a customized website for their business … and that’s quite misleading.

New startups aside – if you own a business, using a ‘free’ website builder could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost potential revenue. My question: why even risk it?

Why Hire a Website Company Instead of Using a DIY Program?

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First, a web company can take the ideas in your head and develop them into a living, breathing design that you can see. They’re using their knowledge of proper use of call-to-action, page balance, blank space, color palate, and font selection – all to facilitate website conversions that will help generate more leads.

A website design that combines unique design elements with your needed functionality helps set you apart from your competitors. A keyword balanced site design along with proper back links, alt tags, merge tags, and descriptions is essential to having an SEO optimized site.

Today in the online world, there are many websites that look very similar to each other. The DIY website builders added ease to the creation process but also turned everything into paint-by-number and the result are thousands of websites that are all using the same colors, photos, fonts, and layouts. This leaves customers bored, uninterested, and they won’t navigate your website … and that means loss of revenue plain and simple!

The cost of a good website company might seem like a lot … but I ask you this question:

“How much will it cost you and your business if you don’t have a professionally designed website?”

We offer three professional website packages for every business type small or big. Feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to speak with you, and provide some insight.

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