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A Lot of business owners don’t have time, the willingness, or patience to work with an online website builder. Instead, they’re trying to find an affordable web site company who is there for them and completes their website as quickly and as close to their idea as possible.

Sure it makes sense that a new startup often can’t afford to hire a professional website company. Especially when there are companies out there who won’t touch a small business site design for less than $2,000. In those instances, they’re going to explore the options that come up when they do a ‘FREE WEBSITE’ search on Google… and rightly so. But is it really beneficial?

What the Wix, Weebly, and other DIY web design portals fail to tell you is there’s more to having an effective online presence than simply throwing together a site on your own dot-com. Instead, they lead people to believe that their DIY sites perform “just as good” as having a web company create a customized website for their business … and that’s quite misleading.

New startups aside – if you own a business, using a ‘free’ website builder could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost potential revenue. My question: why even risk it?

Why Hire a Website Company Instead of Using a DIY Program?

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First, a web company can take the ideas in your head and develop them into a living, breathing design that you can see. They’re using their knowledge of proper use of call-to-action, page balance, blank space, color palate, and font selection – all to facilitate website conversions that will help generate more leads.

A website design that combines unique design elements with your needed functionality helps set you apart from your competitors. A keyword balanced site design along with proper back links, alt tags, merge tags, and descriptions is essential to having an SEO optimized site.

Today in the online world, there are many websites that look very similar to each other. The DIY website builders added ease to the creation process but also turned everything into paint-by-number and the result are thousands of websites that are all using the same colors, photos, fonts, and layouts. This leaves customers bored, uninterested, and they won’t navigate your website … and that means loss of revenue plain and simple!

The cost of a good website company might seem like a lot … but I ask you this question:

“How much will it cost you and your business if you don’t have a professionally designed website?”

We offer three professional website packages for every business type small or big. Feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to speak with you, and provide some insight.

Growth Driven Design

5 Advantages of Growth Driven Design – An infographic by the teams at SparkReaction and 8×8 WebDesign

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Control Wild Web Spending with Five Simple steps:

For most organizations a site is an unquestionable requirement, however how would you get your business on the web without it costing an exorbitant price? Here are five steps for reasonable website design and controlling wild web development spending.

In the event that you can do it for nothing, then why pay?

Free is as reasonable as your web development can get and as long as you are able to invest the time, and effort to learn the in’s and out’s then your web project undertaking could without much of a stretch be a free web project.

Look on the web for organizations offering free sites, free layouts and free hosting. An expression of caution however, frequently free bundles will have ad promotions on them, so make certain you know completely what you really need else you may wind up publicizing your rivals  website on your site.

Utilize a packaged website offering

In the event that you need something more professional than a free site yet at the same time need to keep your web venture moderate then search for organizations that offers a web package bundle.

You can get a set number of pages outlined only for your business with a contact form at a truly aggressive cost. Another point of preference with this methodology is the assistance you’ll get from your web organization in dodging normal mix-ups.

Look out for shrouded additional costs. Verify that your bundle incorporates all that you need to get your business on the web. Get some information about the expense of hosting, domain, pictures, and logo and web statistics. The better organizations all incorporate this in the cost.

Recognize What You Need and Stick to It

Nothing drives up the expense of a website task like re-working plan and content. Effective, moderate web development ventures are the ones that have customers who begin with an unmistakable vision and stick to that vision all through the task.

On the off chance you continue changing your mind then the designer will need to accomplish more work which can mean a higher bill than should be expected. When you have a quote for your web development project, stick to it. That way there can be no dreadful news when the receipt lands on your desk.


Know the on-going expenses

The on-going expenses differ fiercely from web organization to another. A few organizations will charge what is by all accounts a small fee until you understand that this is the yearly cost.

In case you’re on a low spending plan and need a reasonable site then you have to pick a web company who will let you know genuinely what the progressing costs will be.

The primary expense you will experience is web hosting, website maintenance, renewal, and annual domain registration. This is generally a yearly cost so verify you know the amount it will be later on. Inquire as to whether you will be able to move to an alternate hosting site if you are not happy with there on going charges.

Control Costs by using a CMS

In the event that the term content management system (or CMS) is unfamiliar to you, a CMS is just a back end to a site where you can change the content of your site yourself through a simple to utilize interface.

It may cost somewhat more for a CMS over the conventional site yet in the event that you have to make overhauls a couple times each year then for really moderate website changes and upgrades you can’t beat a CMS.

If you follow these simple steps, you will find the overall costs of your new site will be dramatically reduced without a reduction in quality.

At 8×8 Web Design we offer all of the above mentioned and much more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on your next design project and let us give you a quote.

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April 21st to Get Mobile Friendly Google said!

On April 21st, Google will officially update its search algorithm to consider mobile-friendly websites as a ranking factor in Google search results. Google has a tendency to prefer vague language when announcing the potential impact of its algorithm changes.

Not this time!

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in search results. Users will find it easier to get high quality, relevant search results that are optimized for their devices.”


In their webmaster blog Google goes on to offer developers some guidance on prepping for these changes, which includes tests for usability issues. Google hinted regarding this major change several months ago, when in November of 2014 they announced the start of a “mobile-friendly label” to its search results.

Image courtesy of Google
“mobile-friendly label” Announced by Google in November 2014

Image courtesy of Google

This was inevitable because of the speed in consumer shift to mobile devices. One must understand Google is a business thriving in the digital age. That said, they must provide relevant, and high quality results to its users. With Google’s user base encompassing most of the globe it should be noted these users have increasingly gone mobile.

Google is pushing responsive web design (RWD) as its preferred mobile-friendly website design solution. In the same blog I mentioned earlier, Google suggests that if companies need help with the transition to check out its “guide to mobile-friendly sites” document along with a host of other resources and guides. One of the guides is, “What are the top three things I should know when building a site for mobile devices?”

Here’s #3:

“3. Select a mobile template, theme, or design that’s consistent for all devices (i.e., use responsive web design).”

In a highly complex digital market characterized by consumer driven behavior, brands must be able to ensure that customers can easily access their site from anywhere and enjoy a seamless user experience regardless of the device and platform they are on.

Responsive web design does just that, which resolves a number of issues for companies. By utilizing responsive design the elimination of a separate mobile site is gone, saving time and money. It also provides users with a seamless experience across devices, offering the same data no matter how they access a company’s website. With RWD, businesses are able to maintain brand integrity by delivering consistent messaging across the board. They can integrate mobile into their online presence to create a truly synergistic user experience, an experience focused on consumers rather than on devices.

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Quality VS. Affordability Can you have both in the Website Business?

Affordable web design, these words might be music to many, however is their such a thing called “affordable” at the backdrop of ever increasing awareness about qualitative web design?

A great number of people are really becoming quality consciousness these days, but it might sound somewhat unbelievable to accept things that are claimed as affordable and also carry a quality tag. Well, that might sound pretty good, and if you notice these days such are the claims being touted on the internet by many. The ads you can’t help but notice on the Internet stand testimony to the fact and not to mention some of us might have even received the do it “all for free “claims.

Quality services are essential to ensure the target audience enjoys the right kind of user experience. I feel quality does not necessarily always have to come at a high price. This thinking might keep the mind closed to budding entrepreneurs which are not all as pricey as you think. There are some of them who believe in providing affordable web design services you just have to be open and receptive. If someone is looking for the most qualitative services then its best advised to be prepared to bare the extra cost. On the other hand if one is not prepared to invest astronomical figures then it only means that the extra weight is thrown around the affordability concept.

While it is fact that not all businesses will be in a “will do position” and it will be impractical to expect every business will be ready to shell out high amounts to have a high end website, this is where the affordable web design service comes into the picture. There are a number of designers who offer these services and this doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. These designers basically strike a right balance between quality and affordability. It’s all about bringing the right kind of innovation because a rightly steered innovation would not only result in bringing down the high rise cost but also it equally lays its strength around creating quality enabled deliverables. Yes its possible, designers who work with a result oriented approach in their work have yielded some wonderful results that not only provide affordable services but they are equally good in grabbing the attention from the target sector.

Some financially well off businesses are of the opinion that being affordable naturally means compromising in quality which in a way might affect business interests in the long run. They also believe it’s not good putting too much expectation in these affordable web services. They say since it is low cost it can’t offer the same benefits as  they get from a quality conscious agency. But industry experts are quick to allay such fears, they further add that this is nothing more than misconceptions. Well the fact is that some affordable web design services have taken advantage of recent technological innovations which has helped them perform things that are nothing short of miracles.

If you keep an open mind and give these companies an opportunity to earn your business I’m confident you will be pleasantly surprised. At 8by8 Design we pride ourselves on being able to provide high end professional and responsive designs that work at an affordable cost, call us for a free evaluation.

In my next post we will be talking about the free website and why that’s just not an option. Please leave a comment, I would love to know what you think.

10 Mistakes to avoid once Building a brand new Website

Ending up with a faulty website thanks to a number of foolish mistakes is maybe the last thing you would like or want, whereas attempting to construct an unflawed website for your personal or business purposes! A responsive design style would assist you build an awesome and impeccable website while avoiding getting caught making design mistakes. Building a website may be a real challenge because it ought to be a convincing and engaging made to function with its sole purpose is to interact between you, your fans and guests.

While browsing on the net, you’d encounter a myriad of internet sites exhibiting engaging styles to lure the visitors towards their websites. If you would like to own one of these for yourself, I urge you to get connected with an accountable and competent internet development company that’s in your geographical area. To build up an ideal website, let’s take a glance at what are often the probable mistakes that must be avoided.

Mundane and antique content

Indeed, a website’s content is the foundation that drives its traffic. Whether or not your website would be a great success depends how it’s been framed and laid out. Nicely structured content with appropriate headings, subheadings, bullets, paragraphs, diagrams, etc. can captivate audiences and drive traffic. Keywords conjointly play an important role as well. Thus avoid rancid content stuffed full of keywords so as to drive traffic. Use CSS and hypertext mark-up language to arrange the content.

Unattractive Website Name

Don’t grab any fancy sounding name. Opt for a domain that reflects your services. Don’t miss out on incorporating relevant keywords of your services within the name. A responsive style would facilitate you in selecting a good name that will invariably take hold of your visitors’ minds.

Faulty Navigation

Annoying navigation is another blunder of a brand new website. Organize your website with intuition, wisdom and logic. Basic common sense would be the specialization of the acknowledged and reputable website development company.

Inconsistent interface

Do not attempt to be over-creative and build the website inconsistently. Despite how, “out of the box” your website seem, a confusing interface mars the complete purpose and appearance of your website.

Lack of Engagement

Do not forget to make call-to-action peppered throughout your site. This can facilitate getting your visitors participating.

Bad resolution

While making an exquisite design style, don’t lose sight of resolution. It becomes annoying for the users after they got to scroll the pages horizontally.


Make sure that the links on your webpage don’t have to jostle for position. This makes it tough for the users to click the links that are placed too near each other.

Layout and Structure

Layout is a very important! Making a murky and confusing layout is the worst mistake that can be done. Avoid planning a scattered website that daunts viewing.

Search box

Do not forget to place a search box that will help facilitate folks to browse your website. An obvious search box is commonly skipped in new website designs.

The Web Design Company

Do not fall lure to Associate with an undependable and inexperienced web development Company. They may charge you outrageously with all the pretend guarantees and in the end you receive an awful web design. Look for an agency that gives affordable website styles and values your internet presence.

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3 critical Services for success with your Website Online

Companies’  are measuring to determine a robust digital presence online. The normal online marketing tactics aren’t delivering the desired results and profits to businesses currently. Shoppers are exploiting the internet to obtain their products and services rather than physical stores as before the internet revolution.

With the expansion of the web, this trend is spreading across the world. Shoppers are using on-line media because it is simple to order products from the comfort of their home. This is especially true for busy professionals as they do not have the time required to shop the old fashion way. Now, each company must have an online business and presence to sustain itself within the competitive online market place. It’s simple to form an online business and presence, however don’t think it is terribly easy to realize success. There are special ways and techniques needed in website development to help with success in online marketing. Let’s take a look at the 3 essential services needed by an organization to achieve online selling glory!

The Website is the main tool needed by an organization to market products and services to targeted audiences globally. There’s no platform as low cost as a website with the capability of reaching large audience at one time. A lot of Companies are making websites to market their products to world audiences. So, a website must be dynamic, attractive, and advanced to attract customers from totally different areas. Customers prefer to visit websites that provide simple navigation and where they are able to find what they’re looking for quickly. Now a day it seems there are multitudes of business including professional services having out-of-date websites and losing customers each day!

So, 8by8 Web Design will revamp the site with advanced options and applications to create user friendly interface. A clean responsive website design will greatly improve the conversion rate of customers and clients quickly. However the design services should be taken from skilled designers that do this professionally.

Though, a nicely designed website plays a very important role in promoting the business or service, but the website alone cannot bring success. The real success comes as a result of the importance of ranking high in search result. Higher website ranking determines traffic inflows, sales, visibility, quality and sale of products online for an organization. Each company today is attempting exhausting efforts to gain higher ranking of their website after realizing the importance of high rank. 8by8 Web Design Professional Services are needed to help deliver higher rankings of websites because it isn’t simple to do. It needs special optimization within the website according to World Wide Web standards. The services like link building, social media optimization, content optimization, bookmarking, web logging (Blogs) and article submission are critical and should be handled by a professional provider. These services produce a great signal to deliver higher rankings to websites quickly.

No company will achieve online selling success currently without promoting their products and services online. Most clients are doing business and buying online. That’s why large corporations are focusing their efforts and resources to guarantee their online success by making their website to target these customers. That’s why it is essential to employ professional companies such as 8by8 Web Design to insure that your website is properly optimized and will deliver fast success for your business. The services our company provides is delivering high-end finish services to companies big and small with great success in relatively short period of time. The services we provide are by skilled marketers in the online world designed to deliver success quickly.

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Alignment for Optimal Results

Regardless of whether or not your business may be a little mama & Papa kind of outfit or a bigger than life organization, your approaches and techniques should be of the very best caliber to succeed in engaging your audience. Expertise is the key!

Often there’s an effort and error time to find the right path to follow or the perfect strategy for your explicit product or service. Critically necessary is presenting your product or service in a manner that conveys a message of expertise and quality.

It has long been an elementary business principle that if your product is of the very best quality, and is less expensive to the buyer, that they’re going to naturally buy your product just for those reasons. For the foremost 50% that will be true however there a number of alternative issues that are important to the success of your business. Whereas there are so many innumerable strategies and approaches that you can simply take to reaching your goals, my expertise has shown that the very first thing to think about is that your presentation materials ought to be of the very best caliber. That doesn’t mean they need to be costly, however remember that you simply represent yourself when you pass out a card or write a letter to a possible client. So you’re continually promoting yourself. Take care that the tools you employ are professional and represent you well. Opportunities for the expansion of your company are monumental however will probably be costly. So the subsequently are  simply a number of ways in which you will contemplate for promoting your product or service that are  the least costly and sometimes the most effective in reaching your  specific audience.


  • Prepare a decent PR Web or Market Wire announcement.

While there aren’t any guarantees that an editor can review your story, the potential is staggering. All you’re looking for is one editor to be inquisitive about your story and you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Overall, an announcement is one in all the smallest costing strategies for promoting your overall offerings and company.

  • Write articles concerning your space of expertise;

And the reasons your product should be purchased by the customer. Confirm the article is beneficial to those that scan and read it. Each smart search engine is continually searching for probably attention-grabbing and unique articles to feature. Writing articles provides you a chance to advertise for little or no cost while building quality content.

  •  Employ a decent bio of yourself on your site.

About you and your company. Write it within the third person. You don’t need your bio to sound autobiographical, however you do need your audience to grasp one thing unique concerning you. A bio will produce credibility.

  • If it means that paying a little bit additional…

Make sure you have got a decent webmaster to form your site. You need to make sure your site represents you in a manner that conveys all of your business in high quality, trustworthiness and expertise.

  • Introduce yourself via e-mail.

I don’t mean writing those tacky letters that are promo publicity. I mean constructing an awfully skilled letter that targets those that could have a degree of interest in your product. A well-constructed letter is priceless.

To summarize, it’s clear that the promoting approaches and techniques on the market are in depth however so as that you simply attract the target market you’re looking to draw to your website, you want to maintain a competitive edge by selecting expertise. Above all, take care to supply increased level of customer-oriented service. Nothing attracts shoppers to your business than providing the foremost advanced and absolute best client service. If you want to position yourself within the forefront, the first key in obtaining a positive reception to your product or service is thru providing perfect client services.